Who we are?


We are a tight team

“Rowena” is a well-coordinated, positive team that constantly improves its skills so that the services provided are always performed reliably and at the highest professional level. Each employee who finds employment with cooperating partners first undergoes a multi-stage recruitment in order to adapt to the employer’s requirements as much as possible.

Various forms of employee outsourcing involve the preparation of many documents that will allow you to start working legally in Poland and abroad. Working for many years with offices and consulates, “Rowena” uses the experience gained, individually caring for the implementation of orders, so that every employed employee has the satisfaction of taking up employment, and the new employer has full documentation, including:

– work visas,

– residence cards,

– work permits,

– documents for C + E drivers,

– temporary registration in Poland.


We know expectations

Knowledge of the labor market from the East is an advantage. The owner comes from Belarus, so she knows well the expectations, problems and concerns of people applying for a job in Poland. The company’s specialists are available even outside office hours. If necessary, they are available 24 hours a day, all days of the week, to provide assistance in every scope of services offered throughout Poland.

Our experts

Rowena`s Expert

Swietłana Walczak

Swietłana Walczak is the President and owner of the Rowena, which deals with internal audits in companies employing foreigners and professional recruitment of citizens from Poland and Eastern Europe.

She has 15 years of experience as an expert in the industry.

She is a member of the Board of Personnel Directors of the Lewiatan Employers' Association.

She speaks many languages: German, Belarusian, Russian, Polish and English.

She is a Pole born in Belarus - she knows the legalization procedure from her own experience.

She treats her work as a passion.

She provides services at the highest level, which is confirmed by numerous references.


Daria Kimnatna

Recruitment specialist

Lena Borowik-Przysiężna

Kierownik biura

Weronika Biłoszewska

Board Assistant



Return from the East

We are seeing a downward trend in employment only in 26%, so due to the pandemic it is quite a small decrease. Our candidates are checked and employers care about keeping their jobs.


Are you looking for employees? You are lucky!

The pace of economic development requires supplying the market with employees from abroad – both those at the lower level and specialists. ROWENA meets these needs by offering full employee outsourcing from the East, incl. Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Russia and Armenia.


Are you looking for employees? ROWENA can help you with this!

In order to maintain the pace of economic development, it is necessary to support the market with employees from abroad – both those from the lower level and specialists. To meet the needs of ROWENA company offers full employee outsourcing.


How can you support the employment of foreigners? Recruitment of employees from the area of Eastern Europe.

Currently, there are several agencies dealing with employment outsourcing and job placement on the Polish market. When making a decision to cooperate, it is worth following the high quality of service and the reliability of the contract. We talk to Swietłana Walczak, President Rowena Sp. z o.o., which has been dealing with the professional recruitment of citizens of Eastern Europe for 4 years.