Labour leasing

Labour leasing

Employing people from Ukraine and other Eastern countries involves many formalities. The process of employing foreigners differs from the employment of Polish workers. The employer has to be aware of observing the additional regulations. The formalities may cause many problems and they could bring a peciunary penalty.


In order to avoid consequences our company deals with verification of all documents which are needed to recruitment of the workers and their stay legalisation.

We do all the tasks connected with the employment of people from the East.


At the beginning we check carefully all candidates by completing the needed documents.

  • We confirm the legal stay which gives authority to an individual who wants to take up a job in Poland
  • We also obtain the work permit and on its grounds we sign a contract. Additionally, our company informs the worker about all the rights and duties
  • We refer the worker physical examination and a mandatory occupational safety and health training
  • We report a future worker to Social Insurance Institution and we establish a filling card of working time and all personal files


Employment legalisation is a complex process that cannot be omitted. Employment agency takes the bureaucratic process so that the contractor saves time on filling in all of the needed documents.


After employing a foreigner, we are still your adviser. Our company is at your command during the whole employment period.

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